Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People!

It’s clear and obvious that redheadeds are generally maligned by society. Even though many of the world famous names have red hair. Including Prince Harry, Ed Shereen and Jessica Chastain. People around the world do talk about their hair color.

Erin La Rosa had published her book recently. ‘The Big Redhead Book:Inside the Secret society of red hair’. She has notes that there are many biological benefits of being red haired. And also it’s a reason to be proud if you got a natural redhead.

She has rename the people who have red hair as the “unicorns of the human world”

And according to research redheads can bear more pain than others because of the MC1R gene mutation which gives them their hair color. Also in 2003 MCGill university study shows that women who have natural red hair tend to tolerate about twenty five percent more pain compared to women who don’t have natural red hair.

Researchers of University Louisville says redheadeds need twenty five percent more general anesthesia when they go through a surgery. This means that redhead are actually super resilient people.

Furthermore they are more sensitive to temperature changes. Namely, these people are the first who recognize when winter is on its way. These people need less vitamin D compared to other human and they have the ability of producing more of this vitamin in a short period of time. So they must be thankful to the MC1R gene mutation.

H/T: Positive Things Only