8 Unforgivable Things That Are More Hurtful Than Cheating

Betrayal is the worst thing that could happen to a relationship and cheating is painful and brutal attack that break the trust of a relationship. There are many things like lying, manipulating or avoiding communication.

So many people deal with relationships that looks perfect outside but hate, lies and resentment on the inside. And doesn’t look so bright.

Here are 8 acts that break you and your relationship and those are more cruel and hurtful than cheating.

01. Lying to your partner.

An innocent small lie every once in a while can help to fix a person’s mood but you need to make sure that it won’t turn into everyday routine. If that become a part of your everyday routine it simply means that there is a major trust issue between you two.

02. Being absent while avoiding any kind of affection.

A lack of affection and avoidance are two indicators that shows the spark of your relationship has gone.

If you feeling indifferent and absent with your partner that is the time to talk openly and honestly with them.

03. Holding on to quiet resentment.

Keeping anger inside of you is such a harmful thing it’s like drinking poison. And that’s why you should settle things with your partner.

Anger slowly builds up inside of you and there will be a day that you no longer capable of holding it in. So that will break all patience that you hold in finally.

04. Manipulation.

It’s tricky because you are unaware that you are being manipulated until it’s too late and there is no return.

05. Staying in the relationship out of fear of being alone.

Some people will staying in relationship just because of simple convenience. And there are some several reasons like fear of ending up alone, fear of disappointing your partner. Anyhow staying in a relationship when there is nothing in it for you is foolish.

And there is a Phrase” No reason to stay is a good reason to go”.

06. Constant bickering about meaningless issues.

Bicker is a natural part of our lives and you can’t possibly be in a long-term relationship with not bicker from time to time.

When innocent bickering about washing the dishes turns into an irritating fight, that’s the time to take a decision.

07. Acting overly attached and jealous.

If you can’t control your emotions and acting jealous is a behavior that can simply harm to your relationship.

08. Lack of proper communication.

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship and it has to be. I certainly don’t mean texting throughout the day but talking to each other about all the meaningful things in life which matters the most.

Communication is the key to living a happy and peaceful life.


By: Anjala Senanayake