11 Things Your Girl Does That Mean You Should Never Let Her Go.

We live in a society polluted by tons of stereotypes about everything. Starting from relationships, marriage to divorce and we have a wide and large area to cover regarding male and female genders.

Men are usually getting called as players and look for sex in the relationship according to the girl who got cheated on. On the other side guys most probably will go on and discover the female gender as ‘overly attached.

However not everything out there is black and white. There are people who own such rare pure nature. When you meet them you realize that. Every person is different but if you find a girl who does these 11 things. Just never let her go.

01. She trusts you.

Trust is something that can only take a second to break and something very hard to come by. That’s why it takes a lot of time and energy to earn it.

You are a lucky guy if you found yourself a woman who puts her trust 100% in you. If you found that woman, don’t forget to give her the same amount of trust. Love her. Treat her well.

02. She makes you feel safe.

Everyone needs a place where feels like home. Somewhere we belong. And this place you can found in the person who loves you. You will find your home from the woman who loves you unconditionally, in the eyes of the girl who kisses you goodnight. In the soul mate who awaits for you to return home safely.

03. She empowers you.

There is no doubt of your luck if you have a woman by your side that who empowers you and lifts your spirits whenever you feel afraid to make a step forward. A partner like her could be your greatest source.

04. She respects your family.

Take your girl to a family lunch. Introduce her to your closet ones. If she won everyone’s heart and set a good laugh around by the end of the lunch she is your precious one. Stick to her.

05. She supports your biggest dreams and desired goals.

You have got yourself a sincere and pure-hearted girl if she supports to make your dreams come true not just by dreaming but making you act about it. We all strive to find someone who encourages us to accomplish our ambitions. So if you have found that person hold her closes and keeps her forever by your side.

06. She accepts your past.

She won’t question you about your past love-life because those are already closed chapters and she understands that who you once were has nothing to do with who you are today. She doesn’t want to drag your past life and don’t want to affect that to your present relationship.

07. She shares your sense of humor.

Understanding each other’s humor is one of the most important thing when you are in a relationship. If your girl laugh with you for your dumbest, stupid jokes, there is no doubt she is the one. Life is hard so just don’t make it harder with a person who takes everything seriously.

08. She has the same taste in music and movies.

Imagine finding a girl who has the same taste in music as you do. And sing together for the most favorite tracks of both of you. That would be one of the best feeling. And also if she got a mad love for the movies you do love, the life you live in won’t be bored anymore.

You got to know that it’s rare to find a person who shares your crazy interests. So enjoy your life and future adventures with her.

09. She has an elastic heart.

If your girl won’t let her life difficulties get in to your relationship, keep her and cherish her forever.  That shows she is willing to sacrifice herself for you and would do more to make your relationship better. She needs be respected if she has this quality.

10. She believes in you.

If she trying to search positive side of every story despite of how hard the obstacles are she really believes in you. She believes in you even if things are impossible she is a keeper. She is the one.

11. She respects your privacy.

Every person has their own life and their own individual time. It’s their choice to spend it by doing their most favorite things may be hanging out with friends or your favorite activities. There are a lot of people who get annoyed with your need to spend an evening out with your buddies. If your girl understands these simple things and encourage you to do what you love in your free time you have got yourself the biggest blessing.


By: Anjala Senanayake