11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You Have Been Abused by a Narcissist.

People who have been through narcissistic abuse work differently than others. You may not realize but narcissistic abuse can change you in many ways. They have been through alot more than you see. The abuse they inflict is much more personal than the abuse most other people inflict. People who haven’t been through narcissistic abuse will not understand once you break them down they usually make alot of sense.

Here is a list of examples that shows you have been through narcissistic abuse but you may have not understand.

01. You sabotage yourself.

You have been through so much that you really don’t understand what you are capable of. From you, you have seen all of your strength and it broke you down sometimes. People gonna stare at you and wonder why you can’t keep anything positive going.

02. You end up chasing toxic people.

This is what you end up seeking because that is so familiar to you. Over time you will get through it but it is reality for now. You want what had before that’s why you chase toxic people.

03. You end up being a big time people pleaser.

You waste your time on others when you can bettering yourself instead of please everyone around you. You do it even when they don’t want you to do so. You don’t know how to work through this and you will end up being really sad.

04. You lose your sense of healthy boundaries.

When you are a victim of narcissistic abuse the boundaries you had will tear apart. You will be a person who can’t keep up with boundaries properly.

05. You doubt your self worth.

You are going to question from yourself about your self worth because this person has taught you not to believe in yourself. This person has taught you that you are not worth anything. You will struggle to get back the sense of self worth. You are worth a lot than you see and you have to find your self worth in your own self.

06. You try to control your words. 

You will start paying attention to the things you say especially around people you care more. You keep yourself in check even when you don’t need to. Other people will notice this but they will never understand.

07. You apologize to people for no reason.

You don’t know what you are doing wrong or you have done anything wrong at all. You apologize for everything. You will need to work on yourself to get your sense back.

08. You don’t open up easily.

You are not going to be able to open up easily if you have gone through narcissistic abuse. You will hold yourself back in more ways than you imagine. It will take sometime to open up to others and that is going to be really benefit to you.

09. You play detective whenever someone new comes in.

You will play detective when new people come into your life, you will look at everyone aspect of their lives and try to make sense of it in your own way.

10. Trust someone hardly.

After you become a person who have been damaging as a narcissistic you will trust people hardly. You will loose the sense of how to get close to others and how to make things work. If you are willing to give a chance the people around you will prove to you that you can trust them.

11. You completely close yourself off from other people.

You will need to spend time alone if you have been abused. You will have to work on yourself sometimes and there is no wrong with that. Try to be there for someone you care. They are working through things in their own ways. True friends make us feel alive when we are at our lowest.


By: Anjala Senanayake